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Subway Elige Bien

Boosting a more balanced lifestyle among Subway consumers.



With the trend towards a more balanced life today, Subway has identified the opportunity to start  positioning itself  as a balanced alternative in the fast food category, as opposed to its competition. To do this, we created Subway Elige Bien, an entity which, through articles, content on social media and presence at sporting events, started to give advice on how to have a more balanced life on both nutrition, exercise and wellness contents.



2017 /  La Agencia Viva!


It's all a matter of choice

Subway was well aware that, despite being perceived as a healthier option in the fast food category, it didn't have the voice to speak about wellness topics yet. That's why we invited wellness influencers to help us spread the message that Subway Elige Bien was an entity that helped you balance your life towards healthier habits.


Our coaches

Marlen Treviño and Dani García, professional health and sports consultants, are the hosts of Subway Elige Bien and the main creators of nutrition and physical activity contents.


Wellness content

The special content made by Dani and Marlen lives in special articles for the Subway Elige Bien blog, and it's presented with photos, exercise routine gifs, lifestyle media, etc.


Marathon coverage

We attended as commercial partners to Gatorade's Race CDMX 2017, 21k Mexico City and to the most important sports event in Mexico: the Mexico City Marathon 2017. At the end of each race, a special truck offered massages for the runners, souvenirs and activities with our coaches, such as flexing sessions with Dani and nutritional advice by Marlen. We also recorded both video and photographic content at each race to have new content for social media.


Photos by Luis Juvera


Video recaps

In order to amplify our activities on internet, special recap videos were produced to share on social media. These videos invited people to get to know our plattform and blog.




Juan Pablo Manazza / VP Creative La Agencia Viva!

Creative directors / Juan Pablo Manazza, Rafael Castillo

Art & photography direction / Rafael Castillo

Photos by Luis Juvera & Rafael Castillo



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