Rafa Castillo


Working with the most important denim company in the world.


Since 2016, I've collaborated with Levi's as a creative, photography and art director, for its social media and commercial campaigns in Mexico. Had to learn a lot about showcasing denim, styling, acting, and more. But what I enjoyed the most about these projects was working with so many talented production teams, photographers, stylists, models, makeup artists, retouchers and more.


2016 - 2018 La Agencia Viva!


Levi's Madero flagship store opening.

This 2018, Levi's opened its largest and most important Levi's Store in LATAM at the heart of Mexico City downtown: Madero Street. For the opening, a celebration of Mexico's City urban culture was displayed on billboards, social media, print media, and more. All of them working together to conceal one message: that Levi's has always been part of Mexico City’s downtown history.


Social media content

Several mexican influencers were invited to appear in our video and social media photography, such as Jay de la Cueva, Carla Morrison, Ricardo O'Farril, Pambo, Seher One, & Alejandra Guilmant, among many others. Photography displaying our influencers and models was taken at several Mexico City's downtown locations, in order to celebrate Levi's flagship store arrival at the neighborhood.

Campaign video directed by Sergio Granados.

Photographers: Dorian Ulises, Alexis Rayas. Styling by Dani Reyes


Plus size campaign

On 2016, Levi's produced a small photo campaign featuring singer Carla Morrrison. It was heavily commented by people at social media, and many people thought she shouldn´t be the image of a fashion campaign because she didn’t fit the thin model standard. We had to keep a stand. This time, Carla Morrison, actress Estefanía Villarreal and plus size model Ana Carbajal, were invited to showcase their confidence and sexyness at their Levi's.


Photographer: Paola León. 


Back to school 2018

The most important campaign in the year, is the Back to School one. This campaign is usually a more playful one, aimed towards a younger audience. With several product categories to showcase, this is a campaign for everybody who enjoys styling their everyday life with their Levi's.


Campaign commercial directed by Oliver Castro

Photographers: Nico Hardy, Leonardo Medina


Support Music and Live in Levi's

Throughout history, Levi's has always supported emerging musical talents. It's an intimate bond. "Support Music" is a Levi's communication platform to help newly discovered artists spread their music to more people.

AJ Dávila, Yo Camaleon, Andrea Franz, Salvador y el Unicornio, Les Machines, Juan Solo, Reyno, Love la Femme, NSMPSM, 






Photographer: René Manjarrez


Special brand events coverage

Besides campaigns and fashion shootings, Levi's produces a lot of social events such as brand parties, music festivals, press coverages, fitting days, and more. Here's a small peak of some of the photo material we produced the last two years.

Photographers: Luis Juvera, Paco Díaz.


Other contents

Besides social media and campaign photography, I've directed other projects for the brand, such as Instagram Stories, Product photography, graphic design, web design, and more.


360 Photography for Levi's x Molotov Trucker Jackets 20 años.

Detail & Product photography for Levi's X CFA 100 años.



Juan Pablo Manazza / VP Creative La Agencia Viva!

Creative directors / Eduardo García, Rafael Castillo

Art & photography direction / Rafael Castillo

Designers / Miguel Aguilar, Rafael Castillo

Photos by  Paola León, Dorian Ulises López, Luis Juvera, Rafael Castillo, Nico Hardy, Leonardo Medina. Alexis Rayas, René Manjarrez



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