Rafa Castillo

Ferrero Rocher

Boosting premiumness
attributes of a classic praline brand.




Since 2016, I've worked with Ferrero Rocher on creative and art direction of its social media contents. The brand premiumness on internet is a key element for Ferrero, and a challenge to sustain with a brand on limited resources. Nevertheless, the amazing disposition of the client and huge confidence in the team's work, has been key to succesfully overcome the brand's several communication challenges.


2016 - 2018  La Doblevida.


Social media imagery.

Ferrero Rocher is a beloved brand that knows how to take advantage of its strongest attribute: the love of people towards their product. That's why over the whole year, we create beautiful imagery showcasing Ferrero Rocher's products, for people to share and express their love for them. 


14 de Ferrero (Valentine's day)

Valentine's day is the second most important season for Ferrero Rocher, and through several activities, Ferrero invites people to bring with them, the love details and stories to their lives. 


Golden Symphony.

Golden Symphony is the most important communication plattform of Ferrero Rocher Mexico. For 8 weeks, Ferrero Rocher joins Xmas festivities with special music events during their traditional Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree lighting. The festivities also include an exclusive xmas music concert, featuring people such as Alondra de la Parra (2016) Il Volo (2017) and Carlos Rivera (2018).


Social Media event photography.

We also produced beautiful photography to invite people to the tree lightnings, showcasing the magic and mood of these musical events. This photos were also helpful at getting a recap of the most important brand activities we had.


Photographer: Luis Juvera


Special Christmas imagery

Being Xmas the preferred and most important time for Ferrero Rocher, their seasonal imagery tends to be the most beautiful too. Infused with magic of the season, the imagery celebrates the intimate moments that we get to live during these days with our loved ones.


Photography / Ray Rosales, Rafa Castillo / Retouching and art direction by Rafa Castillo



Juan Pablo Manazza / VP Creative La Agencia Viva!

Creative directors / Eduardo García, Rafael Castillo

Art & photography direction / Rafael Castillo

Designers / Miguel Aguilar, Rafael Castillo, Melba Pérez



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